About Us

We began with a partnership of proven performance.

Our clients choose us because they know we “get it.” We’ve worked in the trenches, we’ve lead people, we’ve experienced organizational change and survived to tell the tale!  When you hire Bestwork, it’s us – Jane and Vanessa, a partnership of proven performance – working with you from assessment to implementation.

We believe in building strong connections between employees and the places they work. We believe that it’s when individuals feel “my work matters”  that organizations can accomplish great things.

Jane Lavelle Farris


Jane draws on 20 years of international experience as a leadership consultant to organizations like Research in Motion, Pfizer, Hershey, the United Nations and the Canadian Department of National Defence. She is highly sought after to facilitate high outcome corporate results, write and execute training programs, shift culture, deliver keynote addresses and appear in the media.

A life-long learner, Jane holds a master's degree from the University of Western Ontario, a certificate in wellness and lifestyle management, and has completed countless other development programs around the world.

She hosts and produces the radio show Business Intelligence, has written a book on work-life balance and has pushed the envelope in her personal life by sky diving, bungee jumping and completing a cycling marathon in Africa.

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Vanessa Judelman


Whether she's facilitating, training or delivering key-notes, Vanessa's spunk and tenacity inspire her clients to feel passionate about their work and lives. Vanessa also has an impressive record of achievement as a certified coach working with executives and leaders at all levels.

As a talent management and performance consultant, Vanessa has worked with organizations such as GlaxoSmithKline, Research in Motion, Campbell’s Soup, and CIBC. She has a background in theatre arts, a bachelor of arts and education from McGill University and a master's degree in human resource management and training from Leicester University. Most recently she built, led and managed the organizational development and learning department at Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board.

Vanessa strives for balance in her life, often achieved in a yoga class or by regaling her two young boys with childhood tales of her early years living in South Africa!

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Both of us are committed to helping development in Southern Africa. At the end of every Bestwork project, we donate to a building initiative and, with the support of our clients, we look forward to the day we can say Bestwork built a school.

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