Our Services

We increase productivity by improving performance at every level.

Whether we’re working with organizations, teams, leaders or individuals, our range of service includes consulting, learning and development, facilitation and coaching.   Click on the icons below to learn more.


We shift culture from good enough to really great.

Services: organizational development consulting, change management, learning and development, facilitation.

Organizations who work with Bestwork enjoy:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee retention
  • Performance in line with business goals
  • Successful implementation of organizational change

“Bestwork tailored their approach first to the organization and then to the individual, ensuring maximum effectiveness of their program.  People learned by tackling actual situations they currently faced – meaning instant application occurred.  This was not a cookie-cutter approach”.

– Executive, Pension Plan Board


We shift teams from where they are to where they want to be.

Services: consulting, assessment, training, facilitation, team building.

After working with hundreds of groups, we understand what it takes to build a highly performing team, motivate individuals toward a common goal, and support teams as they move through the stages of development.
Results that you can expect from our “Teams Work” program:

  • Increased employee satisfaction scores
  • Greater efficiency
  • Teams that set their own bar higher
  • Improved employee retention
  • A refreshing spirit of camaraderie

“Bestwork has a simple yet profound philosophy that is sure to capture the world’s attention. I especially appreciate Bestwork for bridging people needs to the overall health and vibrancy of the organization. Investing in Bestwork’s services are resources well used”.

– Learning Specialist, United Nations


We shift leaders from in-charge to inspired.

Services: talent management, succession planning, leadership development, high potential development, facilitation and coaching.

Programs: We also offer a range of very specific leadership development programs for experienced leaders, new managers and supervisors, including some of our most popular programs:

  • Transfer Coaching: Our flagship coaching program – learning to coach and receive coaching as part of the same process
  • Inspirational Leadership: Establishing your leadership brand
  • Leadership Essentials: The nuts and bolts of managing people
  • Moving from Peer to Supervisor: Stepping up to the role of leader
  • Leading as an Individual Contributor: Linking increased performance to job satisfaction
  • Managing Performance and Feedback: Increasing results through people

Results: Bestwork leaders report:

  • Refreshed investment in their careers
  • Rewarding relationships with their teams
  • New confidence in giving feedback and dealing with the “tough stuff”
  • Profoundly gratifying achievements in and outside the office
  • Insight into the kind of legacy they are capable of creating

“Bestwork provided leadership development training for our organization. Instead of implementing a one-size-fits-all solution, they incorporated examples relevant to our organization.  The delivery was high-energy and kept our usually antsy audience engaged. Bestwork does not just strive for completion but for excellence.”

– Chair of the Board, Non-Profit Organziation


We shift individuals from good work to bestwork.

Services: learning and development, coaching, career pathing.

Programs: With a focus on self-leadership, we work with individuals to help them perform at levels beyond their personal expectations. Bestwork offers many customized programs, including our most popular courses:

  • Getting a Grip on Conflict: Making conscious choices for conflict situations
  • Living the Creativity Zone: Using innovation tools to create new products, processes or business solutions
  • Consulting Skills: Co-creating high-outcome solutions with your internal or external clients
  • Operation Bottom Line: Becoming a business partner to your organization by mining your personal productivity and increasing your outcomes

Results: Bestwork individuals tell us they gain:

  • New love for their career path
  • More meaningful relationships with leaders and colleagues
  • Greater drive in contributing more of themselves at work
  • Inspiration to live bigger outside of the office
  • Contagious enthusiasm

“The Bestwork coaching process provided me with a framework to pinpoint my priorities and key values. Through Bestwork, I was able to discover what is important to me, eliminate key barriers to success, and take ownership over major life decisions”.

– Sales Representative, Real Estate Industry