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What I personally value is present in my work environment

I get enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment from my job

My job is a good match for my strengths, skills and talents

I take good care of my personal well-being so I have the energy to perform at my best

My work environment is physically safe and comfortable

The hours I work here are reasonable

I have good relationships with my co-workers

I have a good relationship with my manager

I understand how the work I do fits in with the objectives of our team/work group and the company

I have the tools and resources I need to do my job

In my job I am consistently able to accomplish my goals

At work, I have opportunities to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge

I feel I’m paid fairly relative to what I could earn elsewhere in a similar role

I have good career prospects with my employer

I believe senior management has the skills and abilities to successfully lead our company

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