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Jane and Vanessa


Balance is not just for highwires!

At bestwork, we balance people needs with organizational needs.   Our philosophy is simple.  If fundamental people needs are not met, organizational needs cannot be met.  It’s cause and effect.

We see that the principles of balance and well-being are increasingly embraced by sharp employers.  “It just makes sense,” they say.  But there is more.  In a recent Gallup study, 62% of respondees share that they want their work to make a difference in the world.  The balance will now include doing well financially and doing well in the world.  This is what we stand for in the new world of work.


Bestwork in a Nutshell!

A brief history of the industrial world offers great insight into the organizations we have become.  With warp speed, commerce has evolved from a simple exchange of time for money to a complex system of global, virtual, technology-aided transactions. In this epic transformation, surprisingly little has been done to address the human side of capitalism. The results are palpable. Many of those left working today report being tired, beleaguered and uncertain about the future of their work.

Enter Bestwork.  As the company founders, we live and breathe the world of work.  We have both been human capital consultants for over a decade and  employees for even longer.  We have weathered the storms of organizational change, right-sizing, the recession, and on it goes.

Bestwork stands for the new world of work.  Its purpose is to help organizations, and each person within them, to create the conditions for people to do their very best. We believe that capitalism is a social construct and that it is time for a tune-up!

An audacious mission?  Yes! Absolutely!

Welcome aboard.  The transformation has begun!